of the wonderful sport of cycling.
Art that captures the history, drama and passion of the wonderful sport of cycling.


About Ingoart

Ingoart is the creation of Lincoln born Pete English, an avid cycling enthusiast, obviously! and Velo Club Lincoln member. He’s been a fan of cycling since the age of 15 and raced on and off over the years learning how to lose gracefully and just occasionally experience the heady highs of winning a local bike race. 

After studying Graphic Design at Kingston Upon Thames in the 70’s, he worked in various disciplines within the industry, ranging from Visualising for ad agencies to, in later years, designing e-commerce web sites. Just these two examples span over 30 years of progress and reflect the technological changes in the design industry, moving from Cow Gum*, Rotring pens and Magic Markers to the revolutionary Apple Macintosh.

The ability to draw was always a big advantage in the earlier days especially in visualisation and that’s how he approaches the work today. Each artwork starts out as an idea scribbled on paper and then gradually researched, designed and perfected in pencil (with lots of rubbing out too!) These final images are scanned and transferred onto the computer where they are redrawn and colour is added to produce the finished artwork you see on Ingoart.about_pic

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